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Nuts in Shell and Nut Kernels

Selected nuts from the best regions.
Nuts for everyone's taste! An unlimited variety of diverse types of nuts from high-quality raw materials:
nuts in shell, hand-picked nut kernels, refined nuts and savory nut mixes form our product range.
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    The Walnut
    Cutting-edge and well-tried! Year-round we have always been supplying the German market with walnuts and walnut kernels from exclusive contractors in California and Chile.
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    Nuts in Shell
    Crack, scrunch and enjoy - plain hazelnuts, pecans, brazil nuts, and almonds as well as roasted peanuts and pistachios from chosen growing regions.
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    Premium In-Shell Nuts
    Hard shell, strong kernel – macadamias, pecans and almonds, all roasted and salted in shell, are revolutionizing the nut market in an elegant way.
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    Nut Kernels
    Ready for nibbling: mild and sweet cashew kernels, strong brazil nuts, aromatic pecan kernels, fresh almond and hazelnut kernels, blanched or with skin.
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    Processed Nut Kernels
    The big hit in the kitchen: hazelnut and almond kernels, chopped, slivered and sliced.
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    Cooked Chestnuts
    Ready to eat: Our particularly light, fine and creamy nuts mature on centuries-old trees in the region around Avellino.
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    Pine Nuts
    Small nut, big taste - slightly sweet, with an almond-like flavor.
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