The Novelties

Popular Walnuts

Global demand for walnuts is on the rise.

Transforming walnuts into innovative snacks is breathing new life into the market for these edible nuts. Walnut-based products are available in delightful flavour combinations, with high protein content and as healthy snacks. As a result of this, the traditional walnut is on trend again and is predicted to have an annual growth rate of approx. 0.9%.

April, 2021

In 2020, walnut production in the USA and Chile increased by almost 20%.

Time for Nuts

Enjoy the fresh and new harvest, which we can deliver already in summer.

Due to the favorable climate, Chilean hazelnuts and walnuts are particularly tasteful and of high quality.

April, 2021

Nuts are an ideal snack, as they contain many valuable nutrients.

Keep on rolling

Energy Balls – great taste for active people with a healthy lifestyle.

The sweetness of fruit meets a nutty crunch in a bite-size delight. These little power balls are a natural snack, an ideal source of energy and a sweet treat all rolled into one. Perfect on hikes, at work or on the go. Apricot, fig, date or cherry – they’re all irresistible.

February, 2021

Energy Balls
Small. Convenient. Tasty!

Organic Cedar Nuts

Our organic cedar nuts grow wild in the unspoiled nature, in extensive forests surrounding the Lake Baikal in Siberia.
It is a habitat for more than 1,700 animal and plant species. For environmental protection and as per an old tradition, the cones are knocked off the trees and collected by hand - wild harvesting. The nuts appeal due to their unique quality and delight through their aromatic flavor.
Free from chemical additives. Pure nature!

September, 2020

Wild, free and valuable
- a natural delight!

Gold Award 2020

Our Sweet Valley brand Californian pitted prunes earned a coveted Gold award from the German Agricultural Society (DLG) in 2020. The product passed the sensory analysis and laboratory tests as well as the preparation, packaging and labelling examinations with flying colours. 
We are proud of the repeat accolades for our products from the DLG, which are a testament to our high quality.

May, 2020

Good. Better. DLG Gold award – Sweet Valley Californian prunes

BBQ, the fruity way

Dry fruits are in the forefront: figs, dates and plums in bacon or as a complement to delicious skewers find with their juicy, sweet taste place on our grill plates. They refresh every summer salad and refine homemade dips - here are dried apricots our favorite.

Have a fruity barbecue!

March, 2020

It does not always
have to be a "Bratwurst"!

Dried Exotics

Since very recently dried mango and pineapple pieces from Mexico have been enriching our product range. Their taste is particularly juicy and they are natural and free from artificial flavors and preservatives. 

The fruits are only picked once they have entirely ripened – only then they can develop their full flavor.

November, 2019

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