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Refined products and Innovative Ideas

Sweet, salty or hot, variety is guaranteed.
A large selection of refined products and varying raw material compositions complements our product range and delights many snack lovers: Whether chocolate-coated, caramelized or spiced, new flavor experiences are guaranteed.
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    Sunflower & Pumpkin Seeds
    Fancying something salty or something sweet? Why not both together? The two new flavors roasted & salted and caramelized & salted do not only refine gourmet kitchens, but also the snacking.
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    Refined Peanut Kernels
    The mix of hot, salty and sweet ingredients guarantees an unforgettable flavor experience – roasted & salted and refined with pepper, spices or honey, or coated with a crispy crust and Wasabi.
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    Refined Cashew Kernels
    The kernels do not only taste great in their natural state, but also the two flavors spicily roasted & salted and caramelized & salted are well received by the market.
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    Soft Tomatoes
    Italian tomatoes in a totally different flavor: seasoned with Mediterranean spices, refined with hot chili or traditionally plain.
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    Cooked Chestnuts
    Choose from our new flavors: the sweet flavor with cinnamon or the spicy preparation with salt and pepper.
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    Coated Fruit & Nuts
    A delight for special occasions or as a premium snack! Whether coated in dark, milk or white chocolate, cinnamon, cocoa powder, coconut or caramel, the flavor is unique. Have you already tried cashew kernels coated with milk chocolate and chili, strawberries coated with cocoa powder or chocolate-coated gooseberries?
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    You Have New Product Ideas
    ...or are requesting a unique flavor? Contact us, we are happy to jointly elaborate on it!
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    Candied Rhubarb & Pumpkin
    These vegetable varieties are a fine snack and appeal due to their sweet taste as well as their pleasant texture.
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