About Us

Experienced, Passionate and Ambitious…

...that's what we stand for. For more than 70 years now, as an exclusive marketer of dried fruit, nuts and Food Trends in this area we have been offering individual services as well as transparent support activities at all trade levels - from production to shelf.

Worldwide import

We have always been an internationally oriented company with worldwide contacts to chosen producers, from whom we procure the best products.

We import our goods from the most diverse countries - nuts from California and Chile, dried fruit from the USA, Italy and Turkey from Egypt, Spain, Israel and many more.  We procure our products from all over the world.


Already in the 1950s

the founder Richard Janssen committed himself to the trade and commercialization of dried fruit as well as nuts.

Our success story started with the effective development of the market for Californian walnuts and dried fruit in Germany and Austria - in collaboration with the most renowned North American producers.
Our family business is now being continued by the third generation.


Individual distribution

Our customers include organized food retailers, wholesalers, organic markets as well as the food processing industry.
Regardless of whether full-range segment, discounter or HORECA, we find the most suitable product for you. We are always pleased to discuss new sourcing and sales channels with you.


With our product range we have been fulfilling the need for a healthy diet, which plays a vital role in today's food megatrends, for years.

What distinguishes us?

  • An innovative development of our product range
  • Products from organic cultivation
  • A global network of producers and suppliers
  • Decades-long partnerships with exclusive commercialization, additionally our own and contract farming for diverse products
  • A high-level team know-how due to many years of experience and continuous training
  • Full service - from production to the final product
  • Private label, brand design
Innovative solutions - just ask us!
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