The Novelties

BBQ, the fruity way

Dry fruits are in the forefront: figs, dates and plums in bacon or as a complement to delicious skewers find with their juicy, sweet taste place on our grill plates. They refresh every summer salad and refine homemade dips - here are dried apricots our favorite.

Have a fruity barbecue!
It does not always
have to be a "Bratwurst"!

Dried Exotics

Since very recently dried mango and pineapple pieces from Mexico have been enriching our product range. Their taste is particularly juicy and they are natural and free from artificial flavors and preservatives. The fruits are only picked once they have entirely ripened – only then they can develop their full flavor.

We are looking forward to the collaboration with our Mexican partner and to a fruity future!


Grape Season

Our grapevines are in full bloom! As nature is working reliably, as planned we can start harvesting the grapes in Egypt at the end of May.

As early as in week 21 we will harvest and load the red variety Flame seedless and the white varieties Early Sweet and Prime seedless. Whether mixed trays with white and red grapes, carrybags with / without zipper or the classic 500g trays with hinged lids – we act according to your wishes.

The seedless Egyptian table grapes are characterized by a high sweetness.

PLMA – we were there!

PLMA - World of Private Label - International Trade Show
May 21 - 22, 2019 at the RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam

Today, the need for new products, contacts and ideas has never been greater. Private label market share stands at its highest ever. The future promises even more private label as retailers expand internationally and take a larger role in marketing themselves and the products that they sell.

Do you have new product requests? Please contact us.
German Pavillon, Stand 5121

Production visit in Egypt

Accompanied by the heat, Heiko Janssen visited the grape and pomegranate farms in the growing area of Sadat-City region, along the Cairo-Alex Desert Road. The first harvest days have been particularly good: the grapes convince both externally, tastefully and qualitatively.

The financing and the construction of a modern packing station, with pre-cooling and sufficient cold storage area have paid off!

Seedless Egyptian table grapes from the cultivation area of Sadat-City region.

Organic Cedar Nuts

Our organic cedar nuts grow wild in the unspoiled nature, in extensive forests surrounding the Lake Baikal in Siberia.

Our organic cedar nuts grow wild in the unspoiled nature, in extensive forests surrounding the Lake Baikal in Siberia. It is a habitat for more than 1,700 animal and plant species. For environmental protection and as per an old tradition, the cones are knocked off the trees and collected by hand - wild harvesting. The nuts appeal due to their unique quality and delight through their aromatic flavor
- free from chemical additives. Pure nature!

Wild, free and valuable
- a natural delight!

Time for Nuts

In Chile, the harvest season for nuts already began in March!

Enjoy the fresh and new harvest, which we can deliver already in June. Due to the favorable climate, Chilean hazelnuts and walnuts are particularly tasteful and of high quality.

Nuts are an ideal snack, as they contain many valuable nutrients.
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