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Fresh Produce - Fruit & Vegetables

Quality-tested fruit and vegetables from trustworthy producers.
We can flexibly procure a variety of organic, Demeter and conventional fresh produce from chosen producers or contract farming. With our many years of experience in the fruit & vegetables sector we act as the link between production and buyer to assure a smooth delivery of your fresh produce.
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    The seedless Egyptian table grapes, such as our white varieties Sugraone, Prime Seedless & Early Sweet or the red/rosé varieties Flame, Crimson & Autumn Royal, are characterized by a high sweetness.
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    Our varieties Early Wonderful & Wonderful, both with particularly big, well-colored and sweet seeds, originate, above all, from our own and and contract farming in Egypt.
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    Different countries of origin (Peru, Chile, Israel, Spain) guarantee an all-season access to avocados - premature or ready-to-eat. Very popular is the variety Hass.
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    Organic Fruits
    There is a time for everything: Depending on the season we offer mangos, pomelos, apricots, lemons, oranges, strawberries and many more.
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    DEMETER Fruit from Spain
    More sustainable and more organic than EU-organic, from seed to fruit. Depending on the season, we provide you with prunes, nectarines, peaches, kakis, and oranges from our partners, who are certified according to DEMETER.
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    Organic Vegetables from Spain
    Just ask us! From aubergines to courgettes, we procure the desired product for you.
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    Your desired product is not listed?
    We are pleased to present you our complete product range. Contact us.
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    Exotic Fruits
    Almost year-long, we sell the probably most popular exotic fruits papayas & mangos, either tree-ripened, premature or ready-to-eat. Seasonally we deliver specialties such as Orri mandarins, sweeties and Sharon fruit, and all-year we deliver Medjoul dates.
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